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Massage Prices

JB Massage Therapy & Wellbeing
Treatment prices
* Massage treatment prices defined as half body will generally cover either upper or lower body, or focused treatment of a specific problem area. Most treatments will involve tracing the muscle or movement chains, so we will often work on more than one focal area - hence half body.

Sports Deep Tissue 
Deep tissue massage targeting areas associated with sports injuries and muscle strains 
£40 45 minutes  (half body*)
£45 60 minutes (full body)
Image by Jesper Aggergaard
Abdominal Anmo Fu
Gentle non-invasive treatment promoting the natural functions within the abdomen
£45 Assessment & first treatment
£38.50 30 minutes
Myofacial Dry Cupping
Focused intensive treatment using vacuum cups to release tension and encourage blood flow
£52 60 minutes
Cupping Therapy JB Sports Massage Therapy Wakefield.jpg
A firm, soothing therapy commonly used to treat general tension and shortening of muscles
£40 45 minutes (half body*)
£45 60 minutes (full body)
Image by Toa Heftiba
A Swedish-style massage specifically adapted to ease pregnancy related tension
£48 45 minute full treatment
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Gift Vouchers
Massage gift vouchers are available for all treatments types and durations.
Prices from £40.00
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