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Treatment prices, September 2020
* Massage treatment prices defined as half body will generally cover either upper or lower body, or focused treatment of a specific problem area. Most treatments will involve tracing the muscle or movement chains, so we will often work on more than one focal area - hence half body.

Sports Deep Tissue 
Deep tissue massage targeting areas associated with sports injuries and muscle strains 
£35 45 minutes  (half body*)
£60 90 minutes (full body)
Abdominal Anmo Fu
Gentle non-invasive treatment promoting the natural functions within the abdomen
£42 Assessment & first treatment
£37 30 minutes
A firm, soothing therapy commonly used to treat general tension and shortening of muscles
£35 45 minutes (half body*)
£60 90 minutes (full body)
A Swedish-style massage specifically adapted to ease pregnancy related tension
£44 45 minute full treatment
Home Visits
Some treatments can be carried out in your own home.
Prices for home visits within Wakefield and the loca area include travel and set up of couch. I have some patients with more than one family member requiring a treatment. Please complete an enquiry form if you are interested in receiving a massage in  your own home.
£45 1 hour treatment
£60 1.5 hour treatment
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