What We Do

We work with your body to assess what may be causing you discomfort, by the means of manipulation, touch and our knowledge of the muscular system. We regularly find that the cause of the pain is not always the origin of the problem therefore we often work on your body as a whole, rather than concentrating on the localised area of pain.

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What is Sports Massage Therapy?

“Sports massage is the scientific manipulation of the soft tissues, restoring and maintaining normal function.”

It is commonly used as a diagnostic tool to identify any muscular imbalance which may be caused by chronic poor posture or repetitive strains brought about during work, sport or even training. As a means of working with limited mobility in a muscle, it is very effective, and when used on painful or injured muscles and can speed up recovery time dramatically.

Athletes use sports massage to enable a speedier recovery from training allowing them to train more and improve quicker.

What We Do

Conditions we work with are:

  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Sciatic symptoms
  • Tension headaches
  • Neuropathy (tingling/pins & needles)
  • Recovery from sprains/strains
  • “Frozen Shoulder”

We have a broad range of skills from having over 5 years full time experience but there still remain some conditions that may require a doctor or specialist’s help. We are always happy to assess a client for sports massage, but occasionally need to send them elsewhere for Podiatry, Osteopathy or even Dentistry.

Is it for Me?

Many people have experienced some form of massage, often as part of a pamper day or spa treatment. This is typically a superficial massage, covering most of the body’s surface area, but not penetrating beyond the first layer of muscles. Sports massage or deep tissue massage is much more involved, warming and stretching superficial muscles in order to reach deeper muscles underneath, often with the therapist manipulating the joints to allow access. The treatment is often mildly uncomfortable, sometimes incredibly sore, but many describe the pain as being a “release” and most return for further sessions.

Do you have nagging pain in a particular area that disturbs your sleep, hinders your ability to sit/stand/play sport? Do you have an old injury that niggles, or unexplained aches which you long to be rid of?

You may feel as though the average massage just isn’t firm enough for you, or you may wish to see if your discomfort can be treated without seeing a Doctor. Either way, I offer a free assessment and brief initial treatment, to see if I can help.

JUDE BECKETT SMA, FHT and VTCT Level 3 Sports Massage


Having been involved in sport for many years, both teaching and coaching swimming and competing for Wakefield Triathlon Club, Jude has a keen interest in the health and fitness industry. Her passion for the treatment of soft tissue injuries/conditions brings her clientele from a broad range of professions and sporting backgrounds. Her knowledge of the Neuro/muscular and soft tissue system allows her to perform pre and post workout massages, as well as treat occupational problems and sports specific injuries before they become too painful and debilitating.

Jude is one of two sports massage therapists who crewed the winning team from Great Britain in June 2011 in the RAAM, (Race across America) the worlds toughest cycling endurance race (3000 miles). Our team The Strategic Lions were crowned the champions of 2011, beating military and professional teams in an event which draws professional and amateur cyclists from all over the world.

In 2013, Jude was privileged to work with the Rugby League World Cup Squad of Italy, giving remedial massage to players such as Anthony Minichello and Josh Mantellato.

Her experience is not limited to competitive athletes but also with office and trade based personnel, easing the pain brought on by stress, poor posture, long hours spent at the wheel/desk and day to day injuries.

We also work alongside amateur athletes preparing to take part in events by supporting and enhancing the body’s natural mechanisms to excrete toxins which hinder performance and cause injury.

I am a busy and active professional in what I consider to be a very stressful job which include a lot of driving. I have been seeing Jude for deep tissue massage on a monthly basis for a couple of years. Jude’s techniques in deep tissue massage really helps with relieving stress. Jude is extremely knowledgeable and professional in her approach and I would highly recommend a visit to her.

Andrew Wilson

Managing Director, Wilson Contract Services Limited

I am an active, retired lady and suffer from general aches and pains associated with getting older. I was recommended to Jude who is such a lovely, warm and caring person who immediately put me at my ease at my first consultation. She always takes the time to ensure she fully understands my needs at each visit and is excellent at relieving my tense muscles and I always feel so much better after one of her treatments. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Jude to anyone, indeed, I have on several occasions. Both my sons have also received successful treatment for various sports and work related injuries and they too have appreciated the pain relief she has given even after one treatment.

Jill Wood

I have known Jude for many years, both as a client and a good friend. Since buying my own gym, I have had customers ask me to recommend a Sports Injury Specialist to treat their niggles/injuries. I feel very confident in recommending Jude for her ability and skill in assessing and treating them. Jude has extensive knowledge and experience in treating some of the most complex and difficult injuries. Injuries are sadly part & parcel of training, and some of our customers have had conditions which have plagued them for years. I can say happily that after a course of therapy from Jude, they have been able to resume their training, pain free and happy in the knowledge that with any future flare ups, they can visit her for assessment and treatment.

Darren Spawforth

Owner, Muscle World, Horbury

Active sport and personal fitness are incredibly important to me and there are very few people I would entrust with my well being. Without mainly preventative, treatment from Jude once or twice a month I know that I would be perpetually injured and as a consequence pretty miserable. Jude never cancels, always gets the injury cause, keeps my mind sharp and gives me great advice. Thank you so much!!

John Bradley

Group Chairman, Crompton Mouldings

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